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Diane Von Furstenberg and Google Team Up at NY Fashion Week

Technology is forever evolving, and now into the fashion world. Fashion Designer, Diane Von Furstenberg and her team walked in her recent show wearing the innovative Google’s furturistic “Glass” glasses. These glasses are said to even be changing the way films will be made. Take a sip on this!Google’s has created these surveillance system glasses with a tiny camera built into the frames and a little monitor in the corner for the people who are not satisfied looking at the world through their hand-held devices. But it seems a bit weird to be walking around looking like the black guy from Star Trek.

Von Furstenberg, who had nothing to do with the design of the glasses nor the color choices, wore a pair when she took her bow, pointing at audience members to let them know that she could see them through her magic glasses. On top of that…  the footage will be turned into a short film that will be shown online next week. Check out the video below and a few pix from the show.

photos credit: runway.blogs.nytimes.com

Would you wear these futuristic goggles? Or is it a bit too much of a privacy invasion? Let us know! Follow us @ViolasTea on Twitter

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